The new direction in early childhood education set by Ministry of Education, Malaysia, commencing in year 2017, will be a pedagogy highlighting fun teaching and learning strategy, cultivation of problem solving and decision making skills in children and use of learning corner.   ​

We embrace the government’s initiative wholeheartedly as it goals and approach to early childhood learning echo with our Montessori philosophy.  Educators, regarded as observers and supporters, are encouraged to conduct self-learning, learning- through-play, enquiry-based and thematic activities to young children.​

In collaboration with Talento Academy and Scholastic, some of our thematic learning employs audio and visual multimedia aids to facilitate greater interaction and children cognition development. ​

While our worksheet practice prepares young children for abstract-concept learning, children are also benefit from our project-based learning.  Set up according to age group and abilities, children actively explore questions and acquire a deeper knowledge through project-based activities.