Based on the research of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 –1952), founder of Montessori education approach, in the first six years of child’s life, his/her mind absorbs every little detail in surrounding unconsciously and unselectively. Understanding these concepts, our trained educators provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment to fulfil children’s natural curiosity and willingness to learn, progress at their own pace and reach their potentials.​

Building on the basis of Montessori principles, we keep up with the need of ever-changing world by carefully assimilating right brain education into early childhood learning. Our education framework is meticulously designed to cater to children’s brain developmental need.​ Right brain stimulation activities facilitates stronger neural connections and hence children are able to process enormous information leading towards more efficient learning outcome.

With exposure to the Right Brain and Montessori education, these happy, enthusiastic learners are now ready to meet the future challenges with strength, responsibility and confidence.